In the center of Biarritz, "les Halles" (the open market)  offer local products of high quality (sheep cheeses, wines, meats ... and of course the finest chocolate). Numerous spas are available in the center of Biarritz. During the summer season, for example, the basque festival of the strongest man, and the pelote championships, guarantieeing you always have something to discover.

Maps, schedules and information are available
on the web site of the TOURIST OFFICE OF BIARRITZ.

Other towns that are certainly worth a visit : BAYONNE, world famous outdoor festival and a pedestrianised city center. The picturesque town of SAINT JEAN DE LUZ with its basque architecture. HENDAYE on the spanish border with a long stretch of sandy beach. Also in Spain : SAN SEBASTIAN, capital  city od the basque country, and BILBAO with the Guggenheim Museum. Do not hesitate to visit the less know basque villaes (by car, or by tour or HIKING). ESPELETTE town of the pepper, SARE with its caves. RHUNE MOUNTAIN with its little train. "Las Ventas" with its shops on the Col d'Ibardin.